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    My name is C. Scott Brown, but please call me Scott. I am a writer specializing in the topics of technology, politics, and social commentary. My style is witty and sometimes crass, but my secret intention is to get a very definitive point across to the reader.

    I am currently an Editor at AndroidAuthority.com, the largest site on the ‘net dedicated to the Android operating system. As an editor, I write and edit technology news pieces daily that reach 50 million readers per month. Readers have collectively shared my articles hundreds-of-thousands of times across all manners of social media.

    For most of my 20s, I was in a nationally touring rock band, of which I was the primary songwriter and lyricist. One month the group lost everything: our management, our label, our van, and more. It was simply a terrifically lousy month. We decided to call it quits rather than start over fresh.

    My next endeavor was a website where I wrote in various formats about sex and relationships. I wrote long-form articles, blog posts, and Q&A pieces akin to Savage Love. The site was quite a hit, garnering around 50,000 page views per month. But, due to the nature of the site, it was incredibly hard to monetize my considerable workload, so I shut it down in the middle of 2017.

    Now I am writing professionally as well as running a podcast called Skipped On Shuffle. I also dabble in some web design — this site, as well as the Skipped On Shuffle site, are my work. And I’m pretty good at creating video, too! Here’s a video I directed, edited, and mixed of my old band playing a show in downtown Hartford, CT.

    I’m currently living in New Haven, CT, where luckily I can get the best pizza in the country. I drink several cups of tea a day (Earl Grey, hot) and play a mean game of Scrabble.

    If you’d like to say hello, please contact me at any time!

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