• I specialize in the topics of technology, current events, politics, and social commentary. My style is witty and a little crass, with a focus on changing the reader’s mind.


    • I have been blogging for years and can make nearly any topic interesting (OK, within limits). I can create my own concepts to fit your theme or work with your ideas to make a finished product.
    • My favorite type of writing is the 1,000+ word style. I like having plenty of room to explain a concept and help the reader understand my (or your!) point-of-view. Hopefully, I can change their mind in the end.
    • If you want pieces that will help subtly push a brand or product, I’d love to help. A lot of CM ends up feeling forced — and the readers notice and move on to the next cat video. I only turn in top-notch work that will engage the reader so they put off that cat video for the time being!
    • Are you looking to keep your social media profile filled with daily posts that are relevant to your company? I can absolutely help with that! I can help you find the right content to repost as well as work with you in creating original content.
    • I work very fast and am a terrific self-editor. I turn my pieces in on time and they usually only need minor touch-ups before publishing. I can also time travel. I mean…ummm…<vanishes>


  • My design niche is taking a minimalist approach to cleanly and succinctly get across one specific message. This entire website is my work!


    • I have been designing and tweaking WordPress sites for over 7 years. The site you are currently on is my work, as well as the Skipped On Shuffle site. I know WordPress inside and out, so if you’re looking for a site like mine, send me a message here.

    • Most WordPress web designers just know how to install a theme and then work with that theme’s built-in options. But I work within the CSS code itself to tweak the design to meet my exhaustively specific expectations of what the site should look like and do.

    • My time in a rock band taught me a lot of things, but one is this: most promotional online banners and physical posters suck. They are ugly, messy, and don’t get across information in the right way. My minimalist approach to promo design will get across your ideas efficiently and beautifully!

    • OMG I love fonts. I am very, very particular about the fonts I use and what they are used for. Sometimes I look around a restaurant and identify all the fonts they (ab)use (and criticize them). Let’s talk fonts!

    • I have been working in Photoshop for more than a decade. Every image on this site has been touched up and edited in Photoshop by me. I even designed my own logo!


  • Music and film are two of my biggest passions, and my approach to audio and video production is to always make it beautiful and to always make it huge!


    • Whether it’s writing a song or a script, I can help. I have written over 100 songs, 5 of which have been used as background music on major television shows. I have also written the scripts to over a dozen short videos.

    • Most of my 20s was spent in recording studios across the United States, so I am no stranger to audio production. I’ve also directed and filmed dozens of short videos, including several music videos for the band I was in.

    • I have lots of recording and video gear I own, from amateur-grade to professional-grade. Having my own gear enables me to create on a budget since I don’t have to rent much to make quality content.

    • I am addicted to the Adobe Creative Suite for my visual needs, so I’m quite adept at Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, etc. I use Audition for my audio needs, but am familiar with Cubase, ProTools, and other DAW software.

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