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Some people hesitate to do so, but I have no qualms about it: I would describe myself as a Redditor. I realize that saying “I’m a Redditor” has a certain connotation to it that some people find off-putting. For whatever reason, Reddit is akin to 4chan in a lot of people’s minds, i.e. filled with neckbeards, racists, and trolls. And while yes, those factions are alive and well on Reddit, to lump the millions of users of the network into that pile is doing a tremendous disservice not only to Reddit, but to society. After all, isn’t Reddit (and all major social media platforms) simply a representation of society at large? If one thinks that all 400 million users of Reddit are racist trolls, does that mean that all of society is filled with racist trolls? I certainly hope not.

Anyway, I’m talking about Reddit because my first feature article for Android Authority was cross-posted to the Android subreddit. The article got upvoted quite a bit, which is cool, but what really rocks is that a lot of conversation is happening around the piece. While being a freelance writer (or simply a writer, for that matter) is a financial pursuit of mine, it also is a pursuit of passion, and nothing gets my passionate juices (ew) flowing like some genuine conversation around what I’ve written. Ultimately, the way Reddit reacts or doesn’t react to my writing is not going to make or break my writing career, but it certainly helps keep me motivated and excited about what lies ahead.

I did get some sorta bad news this week, unfortunately: a piece I wrote about the adult gaming industry has been indefinitely postponed from going live, due to setbacks in the site’s development. I am still going to get paid for writing it (phew!) but it may not go live for quite some time, if at all. Hopefully, if the site in question goes in a different direction and has no use for the article anymore, I will be able to post the article somewhere else. I’m really proud of it, and I’d love to be able to post it up for folks to read.

On personal matters, I spent the Christmas weekend in Rochester with my girlfriend and her family. It was a lot of fun, but horribly cold. I don’t know how people live in those climates. I mean, Connecticut is not that far off from Rochester, but at least our winter is a little milder here. Different strokes, I guess.

This weekend is New Year’s Eve, so I’m excited to have some fun with that. Please stay safe during your celebrations, and I’ll check in with you in 2018!

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