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A Perfect Circle

Last weekend I head up to Northampton, MA, to participate in a class on sexuality and alternative relationships put on by the Institute for Sexuality & Enlightenment (ISEE). I was planning on taking some photos but I decided against doing so once I got there; I was concerned for the participants’ privacy. I did take a few other pics during the trip that ended up on my Instagram, so give a look at those as a consolation prize.

The class was quite interesting: it was all about non-monogamous relationships, how they work, the terminology used to describe them, and how they are perceived by the public at large. As a member of the “alternative relationships” club myself, I was invited to speak to the attendees about my own experiences and answer any questions they might have. There were some really terrific queries from the participants and I think I may have changed a few perspectives about non-traditional relationships.

Ultimately, that’s the kind of thing I want to do as a writer. As I’m starting out I’m fully aware that I’m not going to be getting jobs that give me that kind of platform, but as I progress through my career I’m going to be working hard to make a name for myself in the long-form article niche. I want to write out my perspective on various topics and reach an audience of people who are interested in hearing it. I want to illuminate things for people that they may be missing – whether intentionally or not – and hopefully change their minds about a particular topic. That, for me, is the most rewarding thing about writing.

Freelance writers just starting out have to treat work like that as “extra”…the real focus has to be getting clients, and most clients are not looking for that kind of writing (and, if they are, they’re not paying for it). To work and get paid you have to take the jobs clients are offering, which are usually more sales-oriented. But hey, that’s the way things work and I’m prepared to pay my dues.

But mark my words: eventually, I will be writing the content I dream of writing and getting paid for it!

In other news, I also went to see A Perfect Circle over the weekend. They have been one of my favorite bands for a long time and this was my first time getting to see them live. What a terrific show! I was a little disappointed “Judith” wasn’t in the set, and also a bit miffed that they played the remix/loud version of “3 Libras” rather than the absolutely gorgeous album version, but these are minor quibbles. Overall, it was an incredible performance. I’ll definitely be seeing them again as they tour through 2018!

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