Constant Content And Twin Peaks Costumes

twin peaks costumes

Hopefully, any Twin Peaks fans out there reading this appreciate our spelling bee costumes! My Agent Dale Cooper wig left a lot to be desired, but my cohorts playing Margaret “Log Lady” Lanterman and Audrey Horne looked amazing. Unfortunately, our spelling skills did not shine so hot at the bee: we lost on the word “ostracize” when Audrey Horne suggested there was an “s” instead of a “z”. Oh well.

We did win the team spirit award, though! I’m pretty proud of that. I got a large jar of some local honey and some socks with bees on them.

Things in freelance writer world are chugging along. As I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, I have a two year goal to be a full-time freelancer, and October was Month #1. I achieved quite a bit over the month:

  • The launch of this website
  • Developed a relationship with an ESL school that needs written lesson papers
  • Sold an article on Constant Content
  • Signed up for a million job boards, newsletters, and forums

Not too shabby!

Some other freelancers reading this may scoff at the fact that I’m even on Constant Content, but I think it’s a great place for me right now. For those of you who don’t know, Constant Content is labeled as a “content mill” where cheap, fast content is churned out by people all over the world. The term “content mill” essentially equates to “quantity over quality at prices that are a race to the bottom.” Most pro freelancers don’t want to be a part of that and steer clear.

While I 100% agree with that sentiment, I don’t think Constant Content is a content mill at all. Their model is set up in such a way that one can write pretty much whatever they want (sticking to CC’s broad guidelines), upload that piece at whatever price they feel is appropriate, and then sell it. Constant Content takes a large chunk of the profit (35%), but for a writer like me just starting out it’s a valuable tool to get paid to write.

Eventually, I won’t need a place like Constant Content or will only use it as a dumping ground for pre-written pieces that don’t get picked up from other sources. But for now I’m liking the way it’s working out.

My ISEE talk is this Sunday, so look forward to pictures and words from that event posted here next week! Bye for now.

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