Happy Birthday To Me

happy birthday

Yesterday marked the end of my most recent 365 day trip around the sun. I’ll readily admit that I hate birthdays; I hate getting older, and I don’t like being congratulated for surviving a year, as it seems a weird thing to congratulate. However, I do have to say that this year has been one of the best birthdays I’ve ever experienced!

Last weekend my girlfriend threw me a birthday party in Brooklyn with about a dozen of our friends. It was a total blast, and very humbling that everyone took the time out of their busy weekend to hang out with us. I think we might have to make the party an annual tradition; it was that much fun!

Yesterday for my birthday proper, we went out to dinner at a local eatery called Elm City Social. We ordered way more food than two people could ever consume, including duck poutine, baked brie, Brussel’s sprouts, and chicken and waffles. You can see me being a goofball with the chicken and waffles at the top of this post.

Just because my birthday is over doesn’t mean there aren’t fun things going on this weekend. We’ll be heading up to Worcester, MA, to visit one of my best friends ever and her husband at their new home. I haven’t seen this friend of mine in over a year, so the visit has been a long time coming. I can’t wait!

I know I keep teasing that I have big news on the horizon but don’t divulge it, and I’m afraid I have to continue that trend with today’s blog post. The news is huge, but until the ink is dry, so to speak, I don’t think it’s appropriate to lay it all out. Maybe next week? If not, then definitely the week after. Sit tight!

Have you been keeping up with my writing on Android Authority? I have a healthy collection of pieces for the site now, so give my author page a look sometime if you find yourself with nothing better to do.

Anyway, until next week…have a great weekend, everyone!

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