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The wait is almost over: next week, I will finally be able to tell you the big news I’ve been holding back for the past month. And trust me when I say that this is BIG news. Well, big news for me, anyway, maybe not so much for anyone else. But hey, if you’re bothering to read this blog, you must be at least slightly interested in what’s going on with me!

This week I published an article on Android Authority about how Xiaomi, the world’s fifth-largest smartphone manufacturer, constantly violates the open source licensing rules of the Android operating system, which all Xiaomi smartphones run. The article is pretty popular, getting a lot of shares and instigating a lot of discussions. But the coolest thing about it is that AA reached out to Xiaomi for a comment, and they responded that they are going to make it right.

Now, this may or may not actually lead to Xiaomi playing by the rules now or in the future, but it is incredibly cool that an article I wrote netted a response from a billion-dollar Chinese company. Don’t let anyone tell you that posting some words on a website doesn’t have any power!

On an unrelated note, yesterday I got home and saw that a truck had barreled into a tree directly outside my house. You can see the carnage up above. It was almost 4 hours before I was able to exit my home while the cops and fire department dealt with the debris and damage. Yeesh!

In personal news, I went up to Worcester, MA, to visit some friends, which was super fun. We went to a local brewery and then to a burger place that was insanely popular; our wait for a table was almost two hours. It was terrific to see my friends and catch up with them a bit; hopefully, the next time we get together won’t be years away!

Tonite, I’m off to a concert put on by a cover band made up of several of my friends and their family. I haven’t seen them yet, so it’ll be an exciting evening. I’ll have pics of that next week, or follow me on social media to see them as they come!

And stay tuned for the big news reveal next week!

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