Mobile World Congress 2018 Kicked My Ass

roomba cat

For those of you who are not huge fans of mobile tech, allow me to explain Mobile World Congress. Each year, a conference is held in Barcelona where all the major mobile technology companies convene and show off their latest wares. It’s sort of a tradition that the most recent Samsung Galaxy S line smartphone makes its debut at MWC, and this year Samsung debuted the Galaxy S9. It will be the end of March before you’ll be able to buy it though.

Since there was a significant technology conference dropping all sorts of news and releases, my workload was considerably higher this week than usual at Android Authority. I think I was averaging eight articles a day, which is pretty intense. Remember, I don’t just write the articles; I also post them online, which requires adding images, links, and formatting advertisements around the copy. Doing the writing and all the formatting takes a lot of work and time, so I was pretty stressed the whole week.

But it’s over now, and things have calmed down a bit. Now I can add in some more writing for other companies because I’m a glutton for work it seems.

In personal news, I mentioned last week that we moved my girlfriend’s cats into my place. I have a Roomba and ran it for the first time with them in the house, and they were pretty freaked out. One of the cats just hid under the bed until it was all over, but another was curious enough to attempt to confront the robot. The shot above documents that confrontation. It’s a miracle either one of them survived the carnage.

Tomorrow I’m heading into the city with the GF to visit a friend of ours. She’s had a rough few months, so we’re hoping to cheer her up a little bit. But really, we’re just going to eat all the foods. Soooo much food.

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