Time To Move The Cats

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Usually, I start off with talking about my writing and then moving on to personal matters, but today I’ll switch it up and go backward. This past week, my girlfriend and I began the process of her moving in with me. This is obviously a big step, but it’s one we’ve been simultaneously planning and holding out on for a while, for reasons I won’t bother going into.

One of the first things we needed to do was move her cats, and we did that on Wednesday. The cats do not like to be moved from one place to another, that is clear. When we let them loose in my apartment, both immediately hid under furniture; neither have progressed much from those spots since. They are slowly getting used to things, but it will probably be next week before they get back to normal.

Since the cats are cowering in terror right now, I can’t post a picture of them for you to see. So instead, at the top of this article is an older pic of one of the cats wearing a Princess Leia hat. D’awwww.

In freelance writing news, I’m still working away at Android Authority, writing tech news. Next week Mobile World Congress 2018 begins, which is the largest mobile conference in the world. My hands will be quite full dealing with all the new smartphones and electronics announced. Even now, companies are putting out releases ahead of time so their products don’t get lost in the shuffle, so I have quite a bit on my plate.

I’m working on two new features for the site which hopefully will post in the next few weeks. One is a rant about features OEM’s add to Android that make no sense, and another is a sister piece to my earlier one about Xiaomi.

I also did some work for the other companies I write for, most notably a real estate company that was looking for help making a personality quiz for realtors. That was fun to do, as I’d never really done anything like that before. I’ll link to the questionnaire when it’s ready so that you can take it. Don’t worry, even if you’re not a realtor it will still be fun.

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