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This past weekend my co-host and I put the finishing touches on our new podcast. I haven’t talked much about it because we weren’t quite sure when we would finally be ready to release it, but now we can confidently say that the first episode will launch by the end of this month. It’s incredibly exciting!

I’m a little nervous about the podcast because I don’t listen to many podcasts myself. My girlfriend is obsessed with them, and she’s played me some that she likes from time-to-time, but I never feel inclined to listen to them on my own. If I’m working, they are too distracting, and if I’m not working, I’d much rather be listening to music or watching a movie. The only time I could fathom listening to a podcast would be while traveling or commuting to work. Since I don’t travel that much and don’t have a work commute, podcasts just haven’t become a big part of my life.

Since I don’t listen to many podcasts, I’m nervous that we’ll do things in our episodes that people don’t like, simply because we don’t listen enough to know. However, the flip-side could be true: we could do some new, innovative things because we don’t know what the typical podcast conventions are right now. So we’re nervous but optimistic.

I won’t go too in depth into what the podcast is about quite yet, but very soon I’ll dish out all the details on what it’s about, how you can listen, how you can follow the show on social media, etc.

In writing news, this past week was the 45th anniversary of the very first mobile call. It was fun to write a little history blurb about that for Android Authority. I also got to do some journalistic writing about the tragic YouTube HQ shooting that happened earlier in the week. That was a shame, but it was interesting to write from a much more “newsy” perspective rather than the usual tech commentary.

Finally, in personal news, my girlfriend is raising two axolotls, pictured above. Axolotls are amphibians that don’t go through metamorphosis; they remain aquatic with gills and all that, instead of taking to land. They are pretty small in the photo above, but will eventually grow to be about 9-inches long. We haven’t named them yet. Any suggestions?

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