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This past week has been a bit of a whirlwind for me. Some weeks are busier than others when it comes to the writing I do for Android Authority, but this past week was biz-ay (consistently and thoroughly). It seemed like every day there was a new “big story” to write about, so I barely got a breather.

The most significant article of the week was the one I did on the revelation that the upcoming OnePlus smartphone will feature a notched display. For those of you not up on your tech stuff, the “notch” refers to a cutout at the top of a smartphone to make room for sensors. It was popularized by the iPhone X, and now pretty much every smartphone manufacturer is producing a notched phone in response. To say that Android fans don’t like the notch is the understatement of the year; the vast majority of Android enthusiasts hate the notch almost as much as they hate the fact that Apple gets credit for the notch concept when Android phone maker Essential actually did it first.

Anyway, I wrote an article about how disappointing and infuriating it is that OnePlus will be releasing a notched phone, and the article got a lot of traction. In fact, my article combined with other articles at similar publications caused OnePlus’ CEO to make a statement explaining where the company is coming from. The whole thing is a big PR mess for OnePlus.

And really, I LOVE OnePlus. I use a OnePlus 5 as my primary device; I’m never without it. So it was hard for me to write an article that knocked the company down a peg.

But it’s really humbling and amazing that I have a job where I can express my opinions like that. Not only does it provide an outlet for what I think and feel, but it’s incredibly gratifying when the audience responds. The fact that I have a platform with an audience is not something I take for granted. It’s truly an honor, and I know a lot of writers out there won’t ever know what it’s like, which is something I always keep in mind.

Anyway, that’s my little spiel on that topic. Now I’ll talk about the cat in the photo up top. That’s my girlfriend’s cat; her name is Lexi. She really likes me, as you can tell in the picture, but she also prevents me from doing work a lot of the time. But what can you do? She’s sabotaged my desk with her cute face.

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