I’ve Talked A Lot About Facebook This Week


Since I work for a tech-focused website, I tend to write a lot about topics as they become hot in the news cycle. I’ve written a lot about the Broadcom-Qualcomm deal, and also a lot about Huawei getting snubbed in the United States. But this past week it’s been all about Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica scandal. I’ve probably written the word “Facebook” more times this week than I did in all of 2017.

Not that I’m complaining or anything; Android Authority has given me a lot of license to write about some stuff that earns me some flak. Just take a look at the comments section of my article titled, “Go ahead, delete Facebook. You’ll be back.” There are lots of insults towards me in there. But, interestingly, if you go to Android Authority’s Facebook profile and look at the comments for the same article there, you see a lot of praise. Funny how that works.

But I’m proud of that article. I also am proud of the article I wrote giving a synopsis of the Cambridge Analytica scandal right when it broke. It’s really cool that I get to be kind of on the front lines when it comes to news like that with my job at Android Authority. I consider it a real honor.

Anyway, that’s enough about Facebook. I’m ready to spend all weekend not talking about Facebook.

Speaking of this weekend, this is the first time in a while that I have no big plans for the next few days. Usually, I spend the weekend taking trips to New York City or going to a big part or concert or something, but not this weekend. Just going to take it easy, I think. I’ve got some retro gaming to do, after all.

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