The End Of My First Week As A Staff Writer

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Last week I made the big announcement that I’ve been hired as a staff writer at Android Authority, the largest site on the web dedicated to the Android operating system. Today concludes my first week working full time with the company, and it’s been wild!

My day starts with getting out of bed and drinking a whole lot of tea while having breakfast with my girlfriend. Then she goes off to do science stuff with fancy smart science people, and I settle in at my desk to write…and write…and write some more. I’ve been averaging 5 or 6 articles a day so far, which is a lot of writing!

But writing is only half the work when you’re working with a site like Android Authority; pictures, links, ads, and all sorts of other formatting details need to be added to every article before it can go live. Plus, there’s also time management. For example, yesterday I was in the middle of writing one article when some breaking news landed on my editor’s desk, and he pushed it to me. So I had to drop what I was writing, immediately write this new article, post it, and then get back to my other article to turn it in on time. It’s stressful, but lots of fun!

I’m also working on a new feature-length article for the site, my first since my Xiaomi piece made some waves. Hopefully, this next one is as big of a hit!

In other news, I’m going to a Twin Peaks-themed party tonight, which I’m sure will be a riot. Then tomorrow evening I’m hosting a party at my apartment: a trivia party! It should be a pretty big crowd; I don’t know how they’re all going to fit in my place. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook; I’m sure I’ll be posting pics from the event(s) over the weekend. Or, just wait until I post them here next week. Your call 🙂

Once again, thanks for your continued support of me and my writing!

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